LF06R According To EN81-20/50 MRL Type OSG Which Can Be Assemblability On Guilde Rails

Technical Features

* Locking and relase coil for cast iron pulley by remotely control osg which assemble on rails

*0.2 m/s, 0.4 m/s, 0.60 m/s, 0.8 m/s, 1.0 m/s, 1.2 m/s, 1.4 m/s, 1.6 m/s, 1.6 m/s, 1.8 m/s ve 2.0 m/s nominal speed options

*  CNC processed  GGG22 quality cast iron 200mm dimension pulley 

*According to standart EN81-20 and EN81-50.

* Silent function

* 6 pcs. T3 nails and 4 pcs. fasten bearings

LF06R Dimensions

LF06R Diagonal Düşük Çözünürlük (2020).j