LR01-A3 According To EN81-20/50 (EN81+A3) OSG

We are testing LR01+A3 on demanding conditions in R&D and also on field. Because of this, all prestigious projects overspeed governor security is our security.


LR01A3 Düşük Kalite (2020).jpg

Tirelessly: 365 days!

* Patent protection ( PT 2010-01026) disc has movement tolerance

* Duty cycle selenoid coil can work 7/24 non stop

* 0.4 m/s, 0.60 m/s, 0.8 m/s, 1.0 m/s, 1.2 m/s, 1.4 m/s, 1.6 m/s, 1.6 m/s, 1.8 m/s ve 2.0 m/s nominal speed options

*  CNC processed  GGG25 quality cast iron 300mm dimension pulley 

* Patent protection second security

*According to standart EN81-20 and EN81-50.

* Silent function


Rope Dia.:  Ø 6mm

LR01A3 Görsel Ambalaj Tasarımı-01.jpg

Pulley Dia.:  Ø 200mm

LR01A3 tam koruma-01H.jpg

Cover according to Industrial
Safety Regulation (optional, full cover)