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As DELTATEK ASANSÖR SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. it is the philosophy of our quality policy to provide quality products and services that will meet the current and future expectations and needs of all our customers, from the end user, to the highest possible level. As Robert Bosch said, the phrase "I would rather lose money than losing trust" is the most fundamental principle of our company, and we are sensitive to ensure that the importance of this approach is known by all our stakeholders. Dolayısı ile;


  • To fulfill the demands of our customers as soon as possible without the obstacles of bureaucracy,


  • Identifying the expectations of our customers and deficiencies in the sector with the principle of original design and presenting them in our products and services,

  • The principle of sustainable trade with a solid and constantly developing quality system,

  • Being aware that quality control will start with quality production,


  • Temiz ve düzenli bir çalışma ortamında huzurunu artırmak ve iş güvenliği konusunda da duyarlı olmak,

  • Knowing that protecting love and respect in all our internal and external communications is the most fundamental phenomenon in our corporate culture,

  • To transfer the cultural, social and moral values that our company has accumulated for many years to the personnel in new employment areas,

  • To be aware of all new developments, without losing sight of the sector both globally and locally,


  • It is to follow and take care of the developing technology not only for production but also for all our necessary processes.

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