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    Personal Information

In some parts of our site, it is possible to transmit your personal information with your own consent. The information we receive will be kept strictly confidential, but will be used within the company crew to serve you better and to keep you informed of our activities.


Allright reserved.

    Logolar ve görseller

All logos, images published on our site. brand and corporate emblems and model inscriptions on the vehicle are protected by the provisions of the Decree Law No. 556 on the Protection of Brands. They cannot be copied or used unless otherwise stated.


All information is provided by DELTATEK & LİFSOR "as is" and without any warranty or commitment of any kind, expressed or implied. Although the information is correct, it may contain some errors or misconceptions.


All product information on this site has been prepared in accordance with the latest information obtained from the publication. DELTATEK & LİFSOR reserves the right to make changes to the information at any time and without prior notice. Responsibility for typographical errors is not taken.

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